Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions about this project. Please review before submitting a question via issue or email.

Why is having an API important for this data?

Having an API allows for real-time syndication of this crucial COVID-19 testing-location data across as many geographies as possible which dramatically increases the reach. At the same time, we can also maintain the accuracy and freshness of the API’s source data by centrally managing it via Google Sheets.

Why does the project use Google Sheets?

Google Sheets provides a free, easy-to-use, broadly accessible medium for managing the centralized testing-location data.

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Why does the project use Postman?

Postman provides a free, easy-to-use, broadly accessible medium for publishing and consuming APIs, making the testing-location data more accessible to developers.

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Why are there separate tabs for organizations, locations, physical addresses, phones, and regular schedules?

We've created separate tabs for each of these items because we are using the Open Referral standard. This approach makes the data available in a spreadsheet format while also providing a single complete endpoint that stitches it all together.

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Know of Updated Testing Locations?

This is a crowdsourced project. If you found a new or updated testing site and you’d like to submit it, email us.

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Want to Contribute to the Code?

This is a crowdsourced project. If you’re an API developer and you’d like to contribute your expertise, visit the GitHub page below.


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